Thursday, December 10, 2009

How "Seinfeld" made dolts more interesting

The first couple times I watched "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO, I didn't really like it which really surprised me because I loved "Seinfeld" and was disappointed that Larry David didn't grab me. Fast forward several years and recently started watching "Curb" again and I laugh my ass off. Larry David is a hoot. His nitpicking persnicketiness is hilarious.
But it reminds me of watching the show back in the day, hearing folks rehash the episode the next day and weighing in on the debate of tipping, etiquette and social norms. Folks that had no personality, opinions and viewpoint on anything suddenly had "deal breaker" stands on their date's characteristics or appearance, just like Jerry.
I heard a thirty minute discussion of chicks that didn't have a clue to what would comprise a good future mate and father to their children saying they would reject a guy because he didn't wear a belt. You heard me, a freakin' belt! Somehow they made the determination that their deal breaker preference equaled having standards. And personality. They didn't get the joke that the show was about the mundaneness of everyday life and how it fills our day.
Still not sure if Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld should be thanked or spanked for making folks feel more interesting if they had strong opinions on the "hello kiss".


f1trey said...

havent seen the show in a few years but when i did watch it it was really well put together!!!! cool!

Kimberly said...

I like you were not moved by the show, but I like you can certainly give it another shot.

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